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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

There are so much tutorials on sketchup and useful links, which I definitely recommend taking a look, if you are a sketchup user. I wish there would be a list for Piranesi. Please comment if you have any.
Here is one free download for sketchup.

Aldham Robarts Learning and Resource Centre,

Found another similar form from existing project of Aldham Robarts Learning and Resource Centre, Mount Pleasant, 1994, Austin Smith Lord, which the arch canopy is similar to what I initially proposed to my cineplex design in Philippine.
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Market 3d rendering

Monday, February 27, 2006

After all this time of modelling, rendering, photoshop touched up, I still find it quite dissappointing for the result as beside rendered. All this time and effort. I am not satisfied. There are so many things to be touched up, the environment, the people, the lighting, the advertisement, the contrast.
My explanations:-
I am afraid there are so much work waiting to be completed. The detail sections, the bondek profile floor slab detailings, the double layer roof detailings, the 1/50 sections. The cineplex sections, elevations, 3d and detailings. I need much practise on management on all this work. Allocation of time, human resources and datelines. I am a first line production manager. I am a creater. I am a drafter. I am a 3d renderer. I need more lessons, practise and improvement on management and project managing.
My aim:-
The beside image is located from, set as my aim of rendering standard.
My strategic solutions and ideas:-
The background image.
It must be right.
The color.
It must be clean.
The idea/layout.
It must be dramatic, with contrast and organized.
The eye sequence.
Firm, typical triangular/pyramid formation is great enough.
The story. It must tell what your intension is.

What is Design Management

Friday, February 24, 2006

"Design Management can be a) The Management of the Design Process as well as b) The Design of the Management Process. Accordingly you can also replace the nouns with verbs resulting in: a) to manage the design process or b) to design the management process. The scope of this semantic space is comprehensive and offers many nodes to enter the domain. " to find out more...
Definations of Design Management from wikipedia, linked here.
passage directed from

Yale studio of Architecture

Thursday, February 23, 2006

"As architects we are inherently optimistic. We always welcome the new, new thing – new starts, new ideas, new opportunities. To be an architect and build is not merely to tackle the future, but to embrace it. At Yale, we are committed to making things happen. Our studios and classrooms are fully engaged in the artistic and practical expression of the “real world” – each of us on the faculty and each student is engaged in an ongoing interrogation of past and present circumstances as we continually work to help define and redefine architecture’s evolving role in society as a whole. " to find out more...

I recalled the moment where we all gathered in at our student hall, where all the students' work being demonstrated. I presented, confidently, infront of so many people then. It was great.

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Roppongi Hill Art Museum

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The beside uploaded pictures are located from my senior. The inspiration of the market linked bridge facade. How about a comparison with the Singapore Church? My senior went to Japan for a month and came back with a full loadings of architectural images.
The building is Roppingi Hill Art Museum in Japan.
The architect involved is
The Jerde Partnership.

"Soaring 238 meters above ground, the 54-story Roppongi Hills Mori Tower has 380,000 square meters of floor space.Its scale and exterior design make it a new Tokyo landmark.Each office floor has an area of 4,500 unobstructed square meters,Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and the highest levels of security.The lower floor shops and restaurants offer support facilities for people working in the building."
to find out more...

The first image is located from

Water Color Pencil Sketches

Guess what is this, where is this before you click here for the answer.
It always looks better in the drawings, after the interpretations of the artist, elaborating the architectural language, the proportion, the scale, the light and shadow, the touch of pencil and water color. However, my lecturer would have one comment on this, never use black in water color.

Image located from

Interesting facade detail

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The image beside is an interested facade detail. It is a similar detail of what my senior proposed for my market link bridge. Have a guess of what building it would be for a texture like that as a building skin. It is not commercial nor residential. I bet you couldn't get the answer right. It is a building extension located in Singapore. Click here for the answer.

The image beside is located from
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