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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Architectural visualization. A technique an architect must obtain. Cgarchitect Gallery is net space that exhibit various renderings. to find out more...
for more work of wang wang here.
Image by wang wang, generate with SU+Piranesi, located from

Piranesi Exercise 01

Monday, May 29, 2006

This is my first attemp in piranesi rendering, just some applications of some simple bucket tool will have the effect.
For something special I located here. to find out more...
For some sharing tools and gadgets here. to find out more...
Links by snoopywang here. to find out more...


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Some interesting projects review and a collection of architectural gallery by danda which you would be interested of browsing through. to find out more...

Architecture Education

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Architect Education Online Degree
...Architecture Career description and architect salary from online accounting degree.....With Distant Learning you can have the flexibility to get the education you need without.....Online ...

NCARB: National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
Board Roster. Reciprocity Registration Requirements. Fee Schedule. Continuing Education Contact Us. International Links. Site Map. Careers. ...

Architecture Asia
Offers a listing of architects, buildings, contractors, events, organizations, and publications.

Saini, Prachi
Resume and personal information outlining education and work experience of the architect and construction manager.

Architects project, depending upon customer need or the Architect's special ... a combination of eight years of education and experience. Education

Professional Development Hours
Provides continuing education units and learning units for engineer and architect classes. Material can be browsed for free.

Another resourceful architecture website here. to find out more...

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Hai & Bye

Friday, May 26, 2006

Our studio manager is leaving, and left us a message below that is very encouraging.

"Wish you guys give all your support to the management. Work for the right reason and make your selves distinguish. Search deep into your heart and look for your special skills ( which HE create for each individual ) your will be successful. Than you will be a SPECIAL draughtperson or designer or architect. You are your own leader. Be certain what you want and you will be there. Wish you guys all the best.
Nice working you people and apology for any inconvenience.
Remember to VALUE & APPRECIATE your selves and than only expect others to value & appreciate you."

REAL Books Recommendations

Thursday, May 25, 2006

“Mask of Medusa” by John Hejduk foreword by Vincent ScullyTaught me what architecture can be. Hejduk was one of "NewYork Five" along with Eisenman, Gwathmey, Meier, and Graves. Libeskind, Diller + Scofidio, Shigeru Ban are all his students and he is often regarded as the godfather of deconstructivist thinking. Amazing is the only word to describe Hejduk’s endless creativity.
“Kazuo Shinohara” by Kenneth FramptonI came to know this Japanese master’s works through this book. There are many monographs published on his works, but this little book with mostly B&W photos is just enough to tell what the architect was thinking and doing. Shinohara is the mentor of Toyo Ito, Sejima Kazuyo, and many other cutting edge architects in Japan. I would say that he is the most influential living architect in Japan. (or at least he was, up until ten years ago.)
“Louis I. Kahn Writings, Lectures, Interviews” by Alessandra Latour (Editor)Doesn’t have to be this book, although it is well edited, but any of Kahn’s own writings are always enlightening.
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Revit Building and ArchiCAD

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

BIM, building information modeling had been replacing 2d drafting and sketchup is going to bloom into BIM sooner or later. Computer technology is developing so rapidly~! Adaptation to new technologies is a must to new generations. I had relearned sketchup for the last few days. However, I still find it a bit slaggish. I can't wait for the presspull in autocad2008. Fast and furious~!
"AECbytes starts this month with a Viewpoint contribution from Fred Abler, CEO of, and design instructor and researcher, CAL POLY. He has spent 15 years in the software industry working on research prototypes for professionally developed building components and a multi-platform database for 3D modelers and BIM applications. He describes various emerging technologies such as expressive graphics, object agents, and generative components that will soon benefit 3D building simulation and better enable virtual delivery of AEC professional services." Passage [1] to find out more...
There is some architectural software programs review articles by AEC for your pleasure. to find out more...
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The China Syndrome

Monday, May 22, 2006

2008 is coming soon and China and fighting for the construction of the Stadium designed by Pierre de Meuron and Jacques Herzog.
"...the concrete had already been poured for the huge bowl that will seat 91,000 spectators at the 2008 Olympic Games, and the raising and welding of the steel columns and beams — tasks that require extra training and elbow room — were well under way....
...Knowing that the nickname "bird's nest" has clicked with the Chinese public, I could imagine the enormous cranes as Godzilla-fied birds and the dangling curves of steel as worms being lowered for the chicks. The 24 main columns are gargantuan — 1,000 tons each, far more than the weight of those in a conventional stadium and spaced in what appears to be a random pattern.... "Passage [1] to find out more...

Passage [1] from
Image from by
Margaret Salmon and Dean Wiand

Festival Walk

Thursday, May 18, 2006

FestivalWalk by Arquitectonica(US) and Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Architects & Engineers (HK) Ltd.
"Festival walk is a 1.5million sqft mixed used development including a980,000sqft retail center directly connected to themass transit railway (MRT) and kowloon canton railway (KCR) stations at KowloonTong, currently theonly interchangebetwen the KCT and MTRsystem in Hong Kong." to find out more...

Image from http://

Photoshop tutorials

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Located some free photoshop tutorials that you might find useful. to find out more...

Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio

"Born in Vicenza, Italy, Giovanni Giaconi began his carrer as a designer in Vicenza and New York, where he worked as the assistant to an Italian architectural practice and later went on to specialize in restoration of historic buildings. These delicate pen and ink watercolor drawings are the result of a painstaking process involving precise surveys and photography on the field in combination with a wealth of preparatory drawings (pencil on yellow trace paper). The outcome is a work that provides a detailed record of the present state conservation of the buildings. Giovanni holds a degree in Architectural Renovation and is fluent in Italian, English and French...and is a skillful windsufer." Passage [1]to find out more...
"Andrea Palladio (1508-80) was an Italian architect, one of the most influential architects of our time. Palladio was born November 8, 1508, in Padua, and trained as a stonemason. Palladio moved to Vicenza in his early twenties. Originally named Andrea di Pietro della Gondola, he was named Palladio (after Pallade the goddess of wisdom daughter of Zeus) by the Italian poet and patron Giangiorgio Trissino, who oversaw Palladio's architectural studies. Trissino took him to Rome, where Palladio studied and measured Roman architectural ruins; he also studied the treatises of Vitruvius, one of the most important of the Roman architects."Passage [2] to find out more...
to find out more of the work...
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Passage [2] from
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Elevation Brain Storming

Ideas on Elevations and Form
1. Roof Expression
2. Plane, Stilts, Form(Box)
3. Box on Stilts
4. Patterned & Textured Surface
5. Graphics/Signage wall
6. Entrance Gesture with Linear Canopy

The conclusion is expression through collaboration of planes, stilts and form, the most feasible and cost effective method. A strong statement, a simple texture, and signage implementation with required colour scheme treatment.


Another great blog of architecture from find out more...

China new 10 wonders

"2006 Business Week/Architectural Record China Awards - 16 Winners From Around China Show How Good Design is Good Business. " to find out more...
"China's New Architectural Wonders -In our ongoing series on the world's most amazing buildings we look at the unprecedented building boom in Beijing and beyond." to find out more...
The China new 10 wonders...
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Sketches of Frank Gehry

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Some sketches from Frank Gehry, directed by Sydney Pollack, shows a trailer. to find out more...


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There are topics and reseaches on Frank Gehry, IMPEI, Micheal Graves, Richard Meier in architectureupdate. to find out more...

Architectural Jobs

There are opportunities offered by archinect for various architectural jobs for your reference. to find out more...

Jubilee Church by Richard Meier & Partners

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"This is Meier’s third ecclesiastical building, after the Crystal Cathedral’s International Center for Possibility Thinking in Garden Grove, California (2003), and the Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Connecticut (1981). The project began in 1995 as an invited competition that included Tadao Ando, G√ľnter Behnisch, Santiago Calatrava, Peter Eisenman, and Frank Gehry. Meier was awarded the commission in 1996, and construction began in 1998. It is the 50th new church and community center built throughout the suburbs of Rome, with 15 more planned for completion."
"The church sits on a flat, triangular site in Tor Tre Teste (named for a bas relief of three heads carved in a medieval guard tower dating back to the 4th Century) about six miles east of central Rome. It is adjacent to a lower/middle-income housing complex built in the 1970s on the boundary of a public park." to find out more...

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Chinese Architects

Some Chinese Architectural work for your pleasure. to find out more...

More sketchup Tutorials

"Sketchup is a tool that can be used for design exploration, allowing you to develop and communicate your ideas in 3D. There are a number of video tutorials that you will find particularly useful. These are available on the sketchup web site and on CD from Mike Knight - it is highly recommended that you look at these." to find out more...
Read a photo realistic rendering tutorial here. to find out more...
And a free forum here for discussion and participation.
And for more Sketchup Tutorials... is another good one.
A useful sketchup Users Guide by Grant marshall's Tips for New Users

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Milan Design Week 2006

Monday, May 08, 2006

"Although Italy is enduring economical difficulties at present and most companies in the design sectorare in the process of restructuring themselves in a more competitive way, if you visited the fairgroundsand off-site events, there was the feeling of prosperity and optimism.reality or hypocrisy? who will purchase all of the thousands of designs on show? it seems that now there are more designers than consumers in this sector." to find out more...
Design Boom presents 1575 photos from the Milan Design Week 2006.
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Andrew Maynard Architects

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Some interesting reading from miragestudio7 of the mobile home, leading me to Andrew Maynard Architects, which consisting many interesting ideas you would want to take a look. to find out more...

Image from

Another interesting project by Andrew Maynard is Bill House. The sketches shows the idea, the 3d presents the idea. The thing I like about this is the wall, roof and floor are all formed by a plane, deconstructing all the elements into a unity. It is very neat, isn't it? I think the difficulty is the scale of this building and the communication with the existing environment. Wondering how the environment looks like.

Images from &

Architecture and the Mail

Saturday, May 06, 2006

"A project in collaboration between Jeannie Kim and Hunter Tura, The Architectural League of New York and 1000 designers and 1000 thinkers.
A Simple Proposal
We will produce a series of 1000 unique postcards, each depicting a single unpublished image from a relatively unknown designer, and we will send them to a selected group of 1000 influential architects, urbanists, academics, curators, journalists, and critics, who will have the opportunity to respond.
A Global Call for Images
Our hope is that we will receive images from all over the world and our plan is to randomly disseminate these images back out into a global context, making unlikely connections, and creating unforeseen acquaintanceships. While this is admittedly a utopian proposal, our aim is to connect fresh ideas with those individuals who contribute to the development of independent careers in architecture.
At the conclusion of the mailing, we will collect all 1000 images for a catalogue and an exhibition with comments from selected recipients." to find out more...

A10 Magazine

Friday, May 05, 2006

"A10 provides a concise and up-to-date survey of the latest developments in European architecture, from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean Sea.
Rather than reporting on the latest doings of the all-too-familiar big names that crop up in all the architecture journals, A10 casts its net more widely to take in the many other interesting things that are happening in the old continent, devoting equal attention to the architectural production in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.
With clear and informative reporting, A10 presents new buildings and projects by tomorrow’s stars, forgotten masters and as yet unknown talents." to find out more...

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

"An auto elevator lifts a Volkswagen to its appointed parking space in the VW Autostadt "car tower" in Wolfsburg, Germany." to find out more...
Image from


Australia and new zealand architecture and design resources and links introduction can be found here. to find out more...

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some great architectural works from Architettura you might want to explore~!

American Architecture Awards

"The Chicago Athenaeum is an International Museum of Architecture and Design, appropriately based in the world's first city of modern architecture and design - Chicago.
Founded in 1988, the Museum is dedicated to the Art of Design in all areas of the discipline: architecture, industrial, and product design, graphics, and urban planning.
The Museum's mission is the advancement of public education about the value of Good Design - from the "spoon to the city" - and how design can positively impact the human environment. "
to find out more...

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"VivoCity is a vibrant, multi-experiential retail and leisure destination. It flows with energy. It immerses you in its blend of activities , new retail concepts, multi-anchor tenants and an evolving retail environment. And it stimulates your senses, allowing you to craft your own "Vivo" experiences.
The name "VivoCity", which is derived from the word "vivacity", evokes a lifestyle experience that is modern, stimulating and accessible to everyone, a place bubbling with energy and flowing with vitality. It feels alive.
The VivoCity identity is inspired by a sense of natural energy and flow. Its organic and dynamic nature expresses the stimulating experience, reflects the energy in the name and complements the architectural vision." to find out more...

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