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Thursday, July 31, 2008

WA is an independent global forum and extensive database targeting to become the “Home Page” of architects from ALL countries of the world. Contributions from all our members will have equitible chances to be represented, promoted, reviewed and criticized at this cosmopolitan arena.
This global directory will be continuously developed and updated through your collaborative efforts. Please check the page of your country and begin to add important links that are missing." to find out more...

Passage from http://www.worldarchitecture.org/main/?manifest=declaration

Image fromhttp://www.worldarchitecture.org/world-buildings/world-buildings.asp?countries=subdetail&cno=3&cn=Mansions

Singapore URA website

I attended few courses from SIA (Singapore Institute of Architects). The lectures are in broadview but at least there are websites with information of the statutory in Singapore. Things are open and easy to reach.

"The URA website, launched in 1996, is an initiative owned by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). The website is positioned as the one-stop for all URA e-services on the web and organised with the needs of the public and customers in mind.
The URA website enables users:
To search for and access a diversity of information from URA
To conduct a wide range of transactions online with URA" to find out more...

Passage & Image from http://www.ura.gov.sg/about/ura-intro.htm

Singapore Garden Festival

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I visited the Singapore Garden Festival in Suntex Convention Hall and find it fascinating and inspiring, where live plants are treated as art, creating emotion, reflecting thoughts and evolving illusions~!
"The Singapore Garden Festival, the first garden show in the tropics to bring together and showcase creations from the world’s top award-winning garden and floral designers under one roof, returns on 25 July to 1 August 2008! The truly cosmopolitan Singapore Garden Festival in 2006 was a roaring success, having received accolades from overseas horticultural experts, rave reviews from more than 200,000 visitors from Singapore and around the world, and full support from the industry. This pre-eminent event has been established as a top international flower and garden show in the tropics, further enhancing Singapore's reputation as a garden city in the tropics."[1] to find out more...
Image from http://www.singaporegardenfestival.com/show_gallery.html
Passage [1] from http://www.singaporegardenfestival.com/

Mr Materials

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Great news! Monday we are officially launching a new site called MrMaterials! The site will be a mental ray material repository for Max, Maya and XSI with a section for straight texture files as well, so it should prove useful to all once it gets up to speed."
"We have some great people on board for the project, I think most of you know Jeff Patton, he created the MatLabs (material setup scenes) in Max and others like Jared Martin and Harry Bardak translated the scenes to Maya and XSI. We have Blogs and other stuff in the works and plan to have articles and tutorials in the near future as well as a lot of other cool stuff. Each week for about 5 months we will be giving away a material and texture set of full sized Arroway Textures. We have lots in the works and Jeff Patton's Blog will be occuring at the site." to find out more..

Max MatLabs: http://www.mrmaterials.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=57&func=select&id=109
Maya MatLabs: http://www.mrmaterials.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=57&func=select&id=110
XSI MatLabs: http://www.mrmaterials.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=57&func=select&id=112

Passage from Russell Thomas

Design Your Dwelling Competition

Friday, July 18, 2008

Google sketchup is on going growing~! After the 3d Basecamp of 2008, a design competition for dwelling is raise and everyone, anyone would sketchups can participates~!
"The contest will be judged by Dwell editors, Google SketchUp experts, and MIT professor and Dwell NextHouse architect Joel Turkel. All entries will be posted on Dwell.com no later than August 31, 2008." to find out more...

50 must read architectural and resources blogs

"Architecture can be a challenging and sometimes stressful major, but you can help yourself stay informed and get creative new ideas by keeping on top of the news through the use of the Internet. With many architects blogging, and loads of resources and information out there, it can be well worth your time to check out at least a few blogs in your free time or to help you with a project. Here¡¯s a list of 50 blogs and helpful sites we think are great sources for architecture majors." to find out more...
Happy to know that my blog is in the list. Cheers~!
Passage from http://www.bestcollegesonline.com/blog/2008/07/15/50-must-read-blogs-and-resources-for-architecture-majors/


Friday, July 11, 2008

"Evolo Architecture was founded by a group of international architects in 2003 in New York City. Our goal is to create a forum of discussion for the development of new ideas towards excellence in architectural design for the XXI Century." to find out more...


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Roblon had did a presentation to us today of Fibreoptics and there are free fibreoptics lux calculation program to be downloaded from their website. to find out more...

"An optical fiber (or fibre) is a glass or plastic fiber that carries light along its length. Fiber optics is the overlap of applied science and engineering concerned with the design and application of optical fibers. Optical fibers are widely used in fiber-optic communication, which permits transmission over longer distances and at higher data rates than other forms of communications. Fibers are used instead of metal wires because signals travel along them with less loss, and they are immune to electromagnetic interference. Optical fibers are also used to form sensors, and in a variety of other applications." [1] to find out more...

Passage [1] from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_fiber#History

Image from http://www.roblon.com/en/roblon_fiber_optics/fiber_optics_lighting/


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