Merry Christmas ~ PLB Design

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all~!
PLB Design had sent me a Christmas present featuring green architecture. to find out more...

John Patkau architects

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A free flow at form, imaginative spaces crafted with adventurous temptation, broad stroke structural treatment. An art of space. Work of John Patkau is one of my favourites since school days. Hoping for more works from Patkau architects. to find out more...
Image via Peterson/Munck House

Green Roof and LEED Material

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I had received two books and a catalog from Papress.

Vakko Fashion Center by REX

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vakko Fashion Center, an amazing project by REX Architects. to find out more...
Passage and Image via

World Architects

"—the premium network of outstanding architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, lighting consultants, and architectural photographers—brings designers, clients, and contractors together in the goal of advancing quality in architecture.
In addition to the over 2,000 offices profiled from over 40 countries, job listings, a showroom of quality products, and an events calendar help support architects and others in this goal. Some countries also feature an eMagazine editorializing recent events in the world of architecture, with more on the way.
" to find out more...
Passage & Image via

Dawntown 2010 Winner - CA Landscape, Trevor Curtis + Sylvia Kim

Friday, December 10, 2010

"DawnTown is the annual public international architecture ideas competition for Downtown Miami.  DawnTown’s mission is to bring innovative architecture to Downtown Miami, and to tell the exciting urban story of Downtown Miami to the world." to find out more...
Passage and Image via

Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

Sunday, December 05, 2010

"Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture is an award winning architecture firm based in Göteborg, Sweden, ranging from furniture to city planning, from theory to practice." to find out more...
Interested projects uploaded in flickr here:-
Passage and Image from
Fredrik Kjellgren and Joakim Kaminsky

100 brilliant blog posts for small space living

"Making the most out of limited living space paradoxically seems like an undertaking of positively Brobdingnagian proportions at first. But many greatly enjoy the challenge that such homes pose. Whether they want to flex their flair for decorating, keep their green thumb from withering, or any other traditionally large-scale project, these residents enjoy getting creative and finding viable solutions to miniaturizing their passions. And with so many downscaling for financial and/or environmental reasons, plenty need advice on living large within restricted confines." to find out more...
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Guide to Art Schools

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Thanks to 'Guide to Art Schools' featuring this blog as one of the Top 50 architecture and design blogs.
"Guide to Art Schools exists to connect artistically minded students with art and design colleges and universities. We work with hundreds of schools across the US and Canada, presenting information on thousands of degree and certificate programs. Our goal is to be the most comprehensive authority on art and design education." to find out more...

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Tool Box Office

"Caterina Tiazzoldi – Nuova Ordentra is a design firm based in Torino (Italy) and New York (USA).
The firm work is characterized by a strong interaction between research, that Caterina Tiazzoldi develops at Columbia University and at the Politecnico di Torino, and ten year experience in the professional practice.
The focus of the work is to develop innovative urban and architectural organisms to respond to the complexity of today’s city.
" to find out more...
Passage and Image from CaterinaTiazzoldi


"TectonIQ was created because there simply aren’t enough places that cater for Architects online. We aim to provide a place for Architects, Interior Designers and Students to showcase some of the excellent work which is hidden deep in their hard drives and is never seen again after completion. We believe Architecture projects and portfolios should be shared and displayed to inspire, intrigue and start new conversations." to find out more...
Passage via
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