Digitizing the entire value chain in Building Industry

Sunday, October 30, 2016

In 1760 there were steam engine technology and industry revolution that changed the entire process, production and work method. 250 years later, we have digital platforms and cloud based construction approach that is happening so fast that the matured generations are finding ways to adapt with the pace of the change.

Rich data stored in microchips; design translated into scripts through visual programming, process automated by cloud based servers; construction with manufacturing approach with on-site installation and offsite assembling by robots and construction progress managed by augmented reality and drones! These are just simply amazing development embraced by the building industry.

From Form follows Function to Performance and now - Form follows Data!

New technologies, materials and strategic method with new business model in architecture happens sooner that we can adopt and adapt. Architectural design engaging artificial intelligence (AI) with robotic approach is already happening!

Design, process and construction output can be digitized with automated rule-based approach and optimized with well coordinated and collaborated among different disciplines. It is also cloud based support without having time, location, space and production constraints. Not only raising productivity, efficiency and effectiveness but a new paradigm of architecture with engagement of artificial intelligence.

Time as 4D, Cost as 5D, Facility Management as 6D, Sustainability as 7D and what is the next 8D?
I should presume Robotic Process as 8D.

These might sound too far advance to the ground workers but the industry is moving ahead to digitized construction approach.

We are going into the digital construction paradigm now!

I am really excited over the new technologies applied for the construction industry with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D printings, DfMA offsite construction, Drones, Computational BIM and all the Construction Digitization approach now!

Some interesting findings here:
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