When to Compromise?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Design must be skeletoned by theories and feasible analysis.
Form must be supported by structure.
This is a platform where every designer should be standing.
It is simple to generate a form yet so difficult to maintain the intial form generated when it comes with structure and feasibility studies which a 8 by 8 constrain forces the form to rigidity.
It is difficult to break away from rigidity where it is so logical, simple, feasible and reasonable.

How do I not compromise with rigidity?

We need fresh air.
We need something that is different.
Just like taking in fresh air.
Something fresh.
Something different.
Sometimes we just need an escape from normal daily life.

Do we spent more time and efford on getting the form structured or do we compromise and use a matured 8 X 8 structure?

My lecturer and professor and collegues stated simplicity.
Being different without any supportive reason might be immature.
We do not want our client to suffer because of that, wouldn't you?
Can I state Architecture,a rational art?

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Ivan T.B. said...

It´s simple, the Architecture as an ART cannot remain logical in the minds of designers. Otherwise it´ll be no more than a technical practice.

P.D.: I was passing by and really liked your blog, im a student of architecture from dominican republic and is interesting finding such blogs as this. :)

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