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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

click here for chinese version in faster rendering in 3dmax setting and tips.

For my personal 3dmax recipe settings are listed as follow:-
After setting up the lights (omni/daylight/free target directional light/spot light)
adjust environment and effects setting to have better rendering.

Omni light setting
The below setting is for daylight out door effect, for indoor object under sport light, just change the setting of the shadow params.

Omni Settings:-
General Parameters:-
-uncheck shadows if only intend to create light effect
-attenuation setting does affect anything in omni
-use shadow map to faster render
-Decay setting affects alot (set up accordingly)
Advanced Effects:-
-Contrast 40
-Soften Diff. Edge :30
-Check Diffuse & Specular (must)
-Projector Map setting to create shadow for trees/ window
Shadow Parameters:-
-change color to grey instead of black
-lower density <0.3>
Shadow Map Params:-
-Bias setting to 0 to have shadow starts from edge
-Size to 300 (setting for shadow dots)
-Sample Range to 15 largest (setting for shadow dots)
-check absolute Map Bias & 2sided shadows

Environment and Effects Setting
Common Parameters
- Environment Map
-Global lighting
Exposure Control
-change physical scale to 10000 for daylight effect

Material setting :-
so many things to remember and learn, however basic settings are:-
the diffuse, which means the color of the object
the light effect, which includes the shadows parameters
the surface texture,
the opacity

How to use bitmap/mask to control opasity
-use opasity with shapes intended in black and white color
-white color block light which shapes the form
-black color allows light through which shapes the void

for glass usage to control reflection width
Specular Highlight:-
-specular level 90~108
Opasity :7~15

very simple, just use target one, 45 degree up

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