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Monday, October 31, 2005

Should ideas come through a fix process, through a formal analytical format?
I found
something interesting today.
There is a simple definition on project:-
Anything consisting activities that has a start and an end is a
When there is a project, there involve, cost, time and quality control. Therefore it requires management.
It is very important to understand and to form a procedure in architectural management.
Learning is always through a scientific way of thoughts.
At the initial stage, we should be empowered with an analytical method of thinking then we evolve our own way of thinking, our own way of creating form and space. It is about methodology. How you think actually affects the result, the product. The design product actually reflects the methodology as well.
Simple example: - "the paper architecture". When paper is used to create models, the form and space created shall be emphasizing on planes, space cutting, formation of space are through organization of planes. Then we uses lines, dots to create a system, a language, tending to communicate, to tell, to convey messages, to reflect cultures, even towards simpler construction method, to have lower cost consumption, to gain esthetic purposes. Design complexity is reduced through methodology. "Paper architecture" is a methodology that can form international standards like what Mies had done. Paper modeling is actually a way to generate space and ideas as well.
However, is there possibility of "computerizing your method of thinking".
I do agree that sketching makes faster process and design progress. But people are developing so fast in the pace of technology that we are now more dependant on computers and software’s.
Every student now have to learn 3dmax, vectorworks, archicad or bentley microsoft station, sketchup or any 3d programs for 3d computer generating purposes. Or at least China's student is being trained in such process.
Revit, another powerful software that actually generates 3d, 2d, in a platform incorporating with schedules, facts and figures as well~!
Is it difficult for people to change their mind into computerizing design process?
In conclusion, 2 ways I experienced of designing a building, through 2d/3d sketching, through paper modeling, there should be another one evolving which is 3d revit or archicad fully computer generated design. Computerized design method shall make complex form and space yet backup with facts and figures as well.
I think you architects better learn something in computers before you are being evaporated. And of course, people who are equipped with various abilities shall survive easily. Happy learning!

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