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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"An architectural designer is a registered architect or non-registered designer that is more involved in the design of a building as opposed to the construction documentations required to construct it. Few architects are truly designers as that status refers to individuals who often have good artistic skills, imagination and talent. Although most students of architecture are trained as designers very few actually become designers in the real world. Design in architecture, however, exists at every level, from the exterior, all the way to the toilet stalls. That means that that an architect generally is involved in the design of a building at a smaller level and in more detail than a true architectural designer, who often determines the look and feel of the building as whole in the schematic design phase."
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- Links to architectural design consultants on the directory in U.K.
- Architects malaysia can be found in
PAM directory.

As a designer myself, I intend to seach of my own identity, not registered, yet still doing architectural design. I am not a Chinese from China, but catagorized as Chinese in Malaysia. I am a Malaysian Chinese. I am Malaysian in China. A very difficult issue for overseas born chinese. We ought to just state ourselves as Malaysian, just malaysian. It takes time.

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