Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Deconstruction by wikipedia ~
"For contemporary philosophers as well as literary and social critics, deconstruction (sometimes called "deconstructionism" by its opponents) is a kind of interpretation that argues for what its practitioners regard as the impossibility of a complete or even coherent understanding of "texts."" more to read...
Deconstruction by archipedia :-
"Deconstruction or deconstructivism is "part of a research into the dissolving limits of architecture," according to Bernard Tschumi words at the 1988 Frist international symposium on deconstruction in London. It is looking for "the between" According to Peter Eisenman at the same symposium, architects who fracture are merly illustrative; they are not challenging an preconceptions. While the theory the "new way of seeing" for architects and academics may be viewed as a decadence it more importantly offered an alternative incluence to the increasing banality of postmodern formality. "
more to read...

In the school time, I was shown dozens of pictures of architectural works, and one of the interesting theories is deconstruction. What I understood is deconstruction is not a style. Deconstruction is a method to change the existing meaning of architectural elements into other metaphorable form to allow the users to image and divert the real meaning of an architectural element into others. For example, when you see a building which is sculptured into binocular form, you shall think that it is a sculpture or a "binocular" instead of a normal building.
That is my simple understanding of deconstruction.

Picture taken from rockwool.

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