Hex Tower

Monday, November 07, 2005

Rojkind Arquitectos "180 residential units with hotel on 28th level and retail/public area below
Located in Santa Fe in the northeast of México City, this project is part of a development consisting of 10 residential towers designed by 10 different firms. The program of our tower consists of 180 units that vary from 60 to 200 square meters. The first 4 levels are dedicated to commercial and public spaces that connect the 10 towers. Above the 28th floor is a 27 room boutique Hotel, spa sky garden and lounge with independent access from the ground floor through an express elevator. The exterior structure is composed of multiple hexagons that unfold at the bottom, taking on a new formal logic to enhance the experience of the public space."
by worldarchitecturenews
One glimpse will capture your attention. It will be another iconic building. When something is turned into an icon, the cost is not into consideration anymore, like what happened to the Sydney Concert Hall. Do you have the guts to do this kind of design? Yes, it needs 'guts' besides talent to create, to show, to demonstrate, to explain, to persuade, to process before anything iconic happens... People need to stand up, to face failure dozens of time before succeeding. Congratulations to Rojkind Arquitectos~!
Lets' pray for Rojkind Arquitectos it wouldn't turn into another paper architecture...

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