March or MBA

Friday, November 11, 2005

Will higher education ensure better payment? I would think so, and therefore would like to further my studies in near future. As a B.Arch, working for several years down, I learn to understand that architecture is not a job that earns as much as your the efford you dose in. However hard you work, you still get the same pay or just 150~200 raise in a year. I would believe if I am a sales person that worked as hard as I was in past several years, I would be living a better life of what I am having now. Anyway, I still love architecture, but I understand the everyday living realities now. Furthering studies would be another way to ensure better living in the future.I found something interesting again. As a B.Arch degree holder would you take M.arch or MBA for your selection? Please vote for your selection in my mini poll. Thank you.

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