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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

CAD has developed 'Building information Modeling (BIM) and parametric modeling (PM) that allows designing through 3d modeling with facts and figures' backup, schedules and labelings are made to be user friendly. No more line pullings for elevations, no more sectional draftings, it is only a selection of sections on the model to resolve elevations and sectional analysis. BIM & PM is to enable sophisticated mesh building to made simple. It is a matter of time how fast it is going to take over the market like how CAD does replacing hand drafting services. Computer drafting services shall be reduce or even eleminated and designers and architects shall not only design yet to take on more responsibilities and workload with such a software. I located a past issue in 'The Architects' Newspaper' online in regards of this issue.

"CAD enters another dimension, with two new modeling approaches—building information modeling (BIM) and parametric modeling (PM)—that offer better design, analysis, and management capabilities. Are architects ready to make the leap?"
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"Another feature of modern CAD systems is the ability to create parametric models. In a parametric model, each entity, such as a boolean primitive, a line or arc in a wireframe, or a filleting operation, has parameters associated with it."more to read...

Information found in wikipedia, stated as solid modeling.

Articles found in cadalyst:-
Not all Bim is Parametric,
Revit: Parametric Building Modeling, Part 2

Image located from archpaper.

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