Real examples from sketchup into working drawings

Friday, November 18, 2005

Got 2 forums here if you are working in sketchup, pretty useful as a real example for your reference. I used sketchup 2 years ago when I was working in a small firm proposing an environmental user friendly dustbin recollector for my bos' elther brother. Didn't really use it on architectural building. I am a max user though. Sketchup is very handy and use-friendly for a beginner in 3d or architects who doesn't know 3d programs and would like to learn. The pricing is very feasible as well. Take a look for real example of people using sketchup in construction drawings. Example 01 (a house), Example 02 (a steel structure building). Must take a look even for presentation's sake in construction drawings for example 02~!
Uploaded picture is from example02 pushpull.

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