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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Some jobs are meant to earn. We call it bread and butter jobs.
Some jobs are for fun. Some are experimental.
However, whatever jobs it is, I wish I can enjoy it without any interfearance of human emotion, like when I am being shouted for my mistakes which I don't meant to make.
I don't like to be shout at. Nobody does.
I don't like to be humiliated. Nobody does.
I don't like people who doesn't have the ability yet still propose disgusting colors and assuming it looks great.
I don't like people who pretend to be working hard and yet no work gets done at the end and I have to take care of everything myself.
I don't mind working all day long, all night long if my pay and experience grows eventually.
I wish I can free myself from working for living, which I actually started from a very humble salary, I really didn't work for money initially.
It is not really for architecture anymore when live starting to gain burden and you have to worry about bread, butter, entertainment fees, petrol and living expanses.
School time is great for architecture.
Reality is different where you have to fight not only for datelines but company politics and toleration for bosses' emotion.
It is a pity and disgusting to have to listen to client who doesn't know architecture and yet have to satisfy his ego and taste.
I am still learning for creating better living spaces, but I believe I can plan things better than people without any professional trainings.
I hate to let other people do 3ds for me. Everything must be told exactly to get the exact result, might as well, I do it myself. It save more time to tell. Next time, I'll just ask them to model it. I shall choose the angle, the material and the lighting.
Organization of time is basic essence of life.

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