Task Given Today

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An interesting task was given today.
However, it is always what I did, even the first day of learning how to design.
I still remember the library where I started flipping the magazines and books. Seems like just happened yesterday.
Today, I was asked me to do the same thing. The task is looking for useful conceptual images which are useful to our market project. To further explore the possibilities of improving to the facade. The interesting subject is, don't fix your mind in louvers. Maybe it would be a whole piece of sun screen, maybe some texture, maybe some element from the structure. I was shown images of steel works from lysaht, which is a good idea. Getting the practical one in.
I shall be asking for material samples next month, not only for this project, maybe the next one might be using it as well.
I bought a book and I saw my classmate's work published. It is a great encouragement.
If he can do it, so do I.
We were from the same school, same environment.
I shall publish mine here sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can look to nature for inspiration.Something local or Philippine inspired.

A self supporting organic skin exterior since it's interior spaces need to be so open plan and flexible.

Just curious, I tot for market, if it is naturally ventilated,isn't the roof the most important feature. Unless the roof also forms part of the facade?

Btw, great blog!

Young said...

Thanks for your comment and advise. Yeah, We did proposed several solutions for the roof scape of the market. Problem resolved with a simple monopitched metal deck roofing with airy spaces at second level of the market. Thanks to the existing contour, the market a enjoy double storey business place. Now exploring the sun/rain screen at the outer layer terraces.

Anonymous said...

Market can be an important meeting place for the community, I am imagining it would not try to blend in but to stand out(?)

Rain screen sounds exciting although may increase construction cost. Perhaps can double up as a place to display signage, name of market, etc. or landscape screen.With added advantage, can 'sell' the idea better.

All the best and have fun with image board!

Young said...

Absolutely, I raised a forum in pushpull regarding the louvres and sunscreen. They had some ideas 2. Thanks again.

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