Market 3d rendering

Monday, February 27, 2006

After all this time of modelling, rendering, photoshop touched up, I still find it quite dissappointing for the result as beside rendered. All this time and effort. I am not satisfied. There are so many things to be touched up, the environment, the people, the lighting, the advertisement, the contrast.
My explanations:-
I am afraid there are so much work waiting to be completed. The detail sections, the bondek profile floor slab detailings, the double layer roof detailings, the 1/50 sections. The cineplex sections, elevations, 3d and detailings. I need much practise on management on all this work. Allocation of time, human resources and datelines. I am a first line production manager. I am a creater. I am a drafter. I am a 3d renderer. I need more lessons, practise and improvement on management and project managing.
My aim:-
The beside image is located from, set as my aim of rendering standard.
My strategic solutions and ideas:-
The background image.
It must be right.
The color.
It must be clean.
The idea/layout.
It must be dramatic, with contrast and organized.
The eye sequence.
Firm, typical triangular/pyramid formation is great enough.
The story. It must tell what your intension is.

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