Color Changing Methodology on Perforated Sheets

Friday, March 17, 2006

A presentation in our office by 3m inspired me an idea of their product.
The perforated stickers, when applied on transparent material, for instant polycarbonate sheets or color coated glass material, glowing lights from inner layer at night shall reveal the selected color of the pc sheets, while in the day time, the color of the outer layer, the perforated stickers’ color scheme shall remain, enabling the color changing from day time green to night time red!
There is an advertising board they mentioned in China that glows in red at night and stays in blue at daytime for the company’s corporate identity to be maintained incorporating the red color favored by the Chinese.This is definitely a great idea, through perforated sheets, and simple reflection theory of lights.

To find out more on the product, click here for the pdf brochure
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