Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It is important to understand how the others do it, so that you can do better. Standing on top of the giant, is the fastest way to success. Hok is another established firm to be studied."At HOK, design is not an abstract exercise in combining shapes, forms, and materials. It's a problem-solving effort for people.
The reason we exist is to create inspiring environments that enhance the human condition. We believe that truly listening to clients and then responding to their needs ?instead of to our own egos -- leads to inspiring architecture.
Whatever a project's size or budget, we strive for simple, environmentally responsible designs, elegantly executed. By elevating problem solving to an art form, we create places that enrich how people work, play, heal, worship, discover, learn, and travel ?places that improve how people live.
The ultimate measure of a project抯 success is whether it solved the client's problem. We ask questions like: Does this space enrich lives? Did we improve your situation? Did we help?"

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Passage located from http://www.hok.com/about/designers/index.htm
Image located from http://www.hok.com/Projects/LandmarkProjects/14F0E697-9AE4-4B19-8354-D10CBC55F7E0/Landmark_40_Grosvenor_Place_DotComWeb.htm?sort=Alpha#

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