[ PUshPullBar2 ] closed indefinitely !

Friday, March 31, 2006

It is a very sad news to find out the pushpull forum had been closed indefinitely. The reason is lack of critiques and discussion of Architecture and Design and too much technical approach on sketchup techniques.
In my opinion, the admin should have further considered the branding of the forum, changing the [pushpullbar2] to [Ar+D] to avoid misunderstanding of the readers. However, I think the forum is great, it is free and having people responding to your questions and doubts are valuable efforts. It would have been reacted with more sense of responsibility by just informing the participants before closing the forum. to find out more...
For participants who need their previous forum data, you may find it through google cache. I wish they would reopen the forum asap for architects and designers' fratenity. The forum has great values to me.
Image from http://www.pushpullbar.com/

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