Friday, March 10, 2006

In a design process, there are plenty of issues needed to be resolve in a building, resulting complexity of building form. It takes analysis, effort, practise and talent to conclude, to comprehend and to simplify a complex building form into few major elements to archieve the combination between aesthetic with functionality issues. That is what I always felt as an architectural designer.
"Minimalism in philosophy or minimalistic philosophies indicates a philosophy formed around only a few elements of life as opposed to the full spectrum. People practicing minimalistic philosophies often resort to living life with the bare minimum of what is required to survive.
Cults often claim to practice minimalistic philosophies, where the leaders exhort their followers to abandon things of value in their lives, including things as basic as clothes and the right to maintain personal hygiene.
Most modern philosophies could also be considered minimalistic in that they resort to providing only a limited set of valued elements as opposed to everything a person needs to live their life, for example a philosophy centered around only money." to find out more...

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