Daniel Libeskind

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"The PROJECTS have developed in unexpected directions through a practice which does not mimic existing procedures, but attempts to break through into the excitement, adventure and mystery of architecture. By dropping the designations form, function, program and engaging in the public and political realm, which is synonymous with architecture, the dynamics of building take on a new dimension. The celebrations of drawing into building, the pathos of production and the dreamlike routines configure into a substance that is not identifiable on any drawing board. This 'substance' which sometimes appears totally opaque and inscrutable often glimmers with belief and offers CONTACT to a reality of the deepest hope." to find out more...

Passage from http://www.daniel-libeskind.com/
Image from http://www.daniel-libeskind.com/image.html?ID=269
Night Rendering of Green Emerald Tower,2004

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