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Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Through form and organization of space as essentially political tools [not in a symbolic way but socially, physically], we work towards generating an architecture that authentically reflects and houses contemporary social life patterns and provides generous and indiscriminate opportunities and qualities to an increasingly contradictory, ubiquitous atomized society.
- The majority of our projects are questioning boundaries between spatio-political realms such as the public and the private spheres. - We are developing strategies that formally and programmatically unify disparate elements into a coherent whole.
- Configuring space and activities elastically we derive at forms that are fine-tuned around specific requirements and express the multiple aspects that informed them.
- We use physical space and ephemeral events as emancipatory and interactively acting tools: these do not depend on [exclusive] linguistic, cultural or intellectual readings but can be experienced and interpreted individually as pure physical and phenomenological experience." [1] to find out more...

"Transformative tectonics set spaces, planes and bodies into unforeseen relationships that challenge conventional topographies and spatial codes. While the angular and complex qualities of their forms might superficially affiliate them with 'computer-generated' architecture, decision-making is never relinquished to the computer."[2] to find out more...

"Material as Form - Likewise, these projects occupy a zone far beyond the debates about truth or presence of materials and structure. They are produced at a time when material sciences are developing techniques not only to produce wholly synthetic materials and nanotechnological structures, but are also beginning to seamlessly fuse steel with rubber at a molecular level, creating entirely new - not even hybrid - materialities. There is no truth to material as the new ontology of matter are essentially informational, defined by transformation and error rates. Blue Architecture's use of material perhaps best exemplifies this approach to matter. Here "brick" as material is stripped of its laden materiality and pseudo-ontology and treated as a texture bump map applicable to any surface or form. The questions are no longer what "a brick wants to be" nor illusionist tricks but what effects can be actualized through material manipulation and recombination." [3] to find out more...

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