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Thursday, May 25, 2006

“Mask of Medusa” by John Hejduk foreword by Vincent ScullyTaught me what architecture can be. Hejduk was one of "NewYork Five" along with Eisenman, Gwathmey, Meier, and Graves. Libeskind, Diller + Scofidio, Shigeru Ban are all his students and he is often regarded as the godfather of deconstructivist thinking. Amazing is the only word to describe Hejduk’s endless creativity.
“Kazuo Shinohara” by Kenneth FramptonI came to know this Japanese master’s works through this book. There are many monographs published on his works, but this little book with mostly B&W photos is just enough to tell what the architect was thinking and doing. Shinohara is the mentor of Toyo Ito, Sejima Kazuyo, and many other cutting edge architects in Japan. I would say that he is the most influential living architect in Japan. (or at least he was, up until ten years ago.)
“Louis I. Kahn Writings, Lectures, Interviews” by Alessandra Latour (Editor)Doesn’t have to be this book, although it is well edited, but any of Kahn’s own writings are always enlightening.
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