Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Archicad10 is giving an interactive guide to people who is interested of learning it. A simple movie towards introduction of Archicad10 here.
"This interactive guide is intended to support you throughout your early experiences of Archicad®.
Q. What level of Archicad knowledge do I need to benefit from these movies? A. None - this guide has been developed for beginners and existing users, taking their next steps in virtual modeling.
Q. What will I gain from using this guide?A. You'll pick up a broad and working level of Archicad modeling knowledge, and an appreciation for the potential you'll have with such design flexibility at your fingertips.
Q. How long will the full guide take to go through?A. If you progress through the entire guide - step-by-step - we estimate you will have invested half-a-day towards your career development" to find out more...

And don't forget to take a look at the archicad talk, the graphisoft forum you cannot afford to miss!
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