Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This firm is great~!

"The collective creative spirit is directed toward expressing an idea or unifying concept, comprehensively and honestly addressing all aspects of the project, and considering efficiency, effect on human health, and reuse. Our work embraces its physical, social, and aesthetic potential while seeking to make a real contribution to our clients' needs and the built environment.
We work with a team approach and a highly articulated, inclusive workshop process to reveal the greatest insights about every project. Our team utilizes every tool available, from rough sketches and traditional models to sophisticated modeling software, to help reveal the best possible alternatives..
Gould Evans is a learning organization, committed to continuing the preparation of emerging professionals in support of our profession. IG:AP is a formal mentorship program designed to encourage education and communication among all associates as an avenue towards firm-wide improvement." to find out more....

passage from http://www.gouldevans.com/

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