Sunday, October 01, 2006

"BDP is a multi-discipline practice of architects, designers and engineers, aiming to provide comprehensive, integrated design services for the built environment. We were founded in 1961 by the late Professor Sir George Grenfell Baines.
Our mission is to be collaborative, working in partnership with customers, colleagues in construction and the communities we impact. We aim to be ethical and responsible to all stakeholders. We believe that good design can create substantial economic and social value.
BDP designs about 2% of all the new, non residential building (and some of the housing) in the UK each year, around £450m in construction costs. We also have 10% of our work overseas. We are specialists in almost all building types.
There are over 800 staff in the UK in 10 locations with 140 more in Ireland and in France in BDP International.
Our annual fee income is over £60m. We are consistent major design award winners, with over 300 to date." to find out more...

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