Thursday, October 26, 2006

"An association to foster Computer Aided Architectural Design in Asia (CAADRIA) was founded in 1996 with a conference at The University of Hong Kong that was organized with significant support from Japan. The association took root and has flourished with annual conferences in nine different countries all around Asia. The conference in 2005 will be held at New Delhi and marks the tenth year of meetings.
The conference is held by and for people involved with computer aided design in architecture schools in the region. They are attended by over one hundred researchers, teachers, students and practitioners who are interested in advancing knowledge and understanding in tools and application of digital design methods in architecture. CAADRIA seeks to mentor interest and capacity to undertake research throughout Asia. In the past decade, such research has grown from only a few universities participating to now dozens of universities and schools of architecture demonstrating active commitment to teaching and research in the field. New degree programmes in digital design have been started at several universities in the region and graduates are contributing to design practice with advanced skills and the development of new tools and techniques.
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