Elmslie Osler Architect

Saturday, October 07, 2006

"Shall we be cultured aesthetes and dilly dally with our jobs or put on our dungarees and learn the significance of architecture by laying stone and brick for awhile, mixing mortar and sawing wood. Learn of the strength and durability of materials; know of society and its myriad needs and aspirations. Read fairy stories; read Keats, Shelley and Whitman. Absorb a sound and understanding knowledge of the incredible inventions of our day and go to it. There are no fixed formulas; no dry standards; no such thing as composition. There is only one thing to achieve and that is an architectural organism. Composition is dead; an organization is alive...vivid...responsive to conditions; and eloquent of the spiritual association of function and form. Travel the frank and courageous road whereon may be seen the real contributions to ages gleaming in the sunshine.- by George Grant Elmslie" to find out more...
Passage from http://www.eoarch.com/index.html
Image from http://www.eoarch.com/images/sch_08.jpg

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