Skills for architectural visualization?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Some interesting readings I would like to share.
"Any serious architecture and design firm is going to first expect that someone is going to deliver on time and get the designer's point across. Goes without saying, really. They pull together a stable of folks that they know can deliver. After that, it's absolutely positively 100% ALL about the style of the individuals involved, and what might be the best fit for that particular project.Having worked as a designer at 3 out of the 4 firms above, I can tell you that each one gets a ton of viz people that call them searching for work. Without question, they select and work with those individuals or firms who set themselves apart by their visual style. They don't look at the endless resumes, DVDs, and websites and first ask themselves 'Gee, I wonder if this firm is going to convey my intentions properly?' or 'Will they deliver on-time?' They select firms that blow them away. American. Chinese. Indian. British. Whomever and wherever doesn't matter." to find out more...
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