Monday, December 04, 2006

"A vibrant community of architects and suppliers, designed for architects and suppliers.Specifier Magazine has long been a source of new products and trends for the Australian Architectural and design industries. Now specifier.com.au allows architects and designers to browse, collate, print, request and manage this information freely, in an expanding database of over 3000 product suppliers and 116 product categories. It is the most useful one-stop shop for architects, designers and builders on the web - with global architecture and building news, project reviews, eco products, brochure libraries, architect directory and architect profiles - and it's the essential venue for product suppliers to find their market. With its powerful interactive tools, specifier.com.au connect experts with experts." to find out more...
Passage from http://www.specifier.com.au./aboutus
Image from http://www.specifier.com.au./db/Pictures/cover-71-15620.jpg

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