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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"The idea is that I’ll write a review each month on a hot-off-the-press book about architecture. Additionally, I'll thread together some nonsensical commentary on these alongside other books (more than likely of the architectural classic varietal) that I've been prompted to read or re-read for whatever reason.It's all just an excuse to fetishise, justify buying more unneeded books and pretend I'm doing the PhD I'll never actually get around to do. Trying to answer that most unanswerable of questions - "what is architecture?"So it's research: about architecture. And about writing. Between the two, I reckon there's an awful lot to learn and one learns best when trying to explain to others. Even if there isn't actually anybody reading this nonsensica, I can live in my little blogging dream world." to find out more...
Passage from
by Mason Young

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