Making High Dynamic Range Images

Monday, June 18, 2007

Feeling expansive getting HDRI from the internet? Make one yourself~! to find out more...
Some more tutorials from Talking Tree and Popphoto...
"Step 1. Set your tripod up (in or out of vehicle)
Step 2. Look at the subject and in your mind slice it in 1/3's. Each 1/3 will be a series of bracketed shots, just like making any HDR image.
Step 3. Take your shots and remember when turning your tripod to make sure there is some over laping in the picture so that when you stitch it together later it will line up correctly.
Step 4. Load your HDR software and make your hdr images. I took nine. 3 for each section.
Step 5. Step four upload your photos into your panoramic software, photoshop elements and photoshop include this feature.
Step 6. Stitch your 3 or more images together.
Step 7. Crop if need, I had to crop out the truck mirror and window and door frame. Thats it."
Passage from by Sam

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