Friday, June 29, 2007

"In 2007 Rotterdam will be architectural-capital of Europe, London regards the Creative Industry to be the largest growth factor in its economy and the city-council of Berlin considers Culture as the only source of development for the next fifty to hundred years. Trendy neighbourhoods in Barcelona draw inhabitants (and entrepreneurs!) from far across the Spanish border, in all of Europe, old cities sprout and draw attention with new marvelous designs by the latest Superstar-Architect. For European cities the Architectural Energy has become the foremost monitor for cultural and economic prosperity.

Therefore we have dedicated ourselves to bring this Modern Architecture closer to YOU. Your Modern Architecture, assembled, compiled and completed, synoptic, swift and always up-to-date. Architecture to be added, searched, visited and re-viewed, MY Modern Architecture: MIMOA." to find out more...

Passage from http://www.mimoa.eu/about.php

Image from http://www.mimoa.eu/projects/Denmark/Copenhagen/VM_Housing

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