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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some useful stuff from design studio press and the gnomon workshop. I had been going into the detail of rendering this few weeks. Learning to render a scene. Three point lighting- key light, fill light, back light. Vray settings~using irradiance map with light cache GI settings. Hoping to reveal some refined work soon. The technique~enjoy your work. It had been so easy now for the global illumination setting. Just adding up some bounces of light will lit up the entire scene.

Image loaded is without photoshop adjustment except the watermark. Image rendered through max with one plane light, with irradiance & light cache GI.

Need to add an ambient to lit further more at lower portion, to add some reflective mapping on the glass and some adjustment to floor tiles, the cladding and some photoshop trees and shopfronts. With the dynamic GI provided from Vray we now only need a key light for the sharper shadow and an ambient for the overall color.

With scanline rendering we need so much artificial lights, the key light, the sky light, the fill light, the back light, some additional light to lit up the slab and window glaze. Back light to enhance the building outline.

The time saving technique sharing here~render through passes and there are color passes, highlight passes, reflection passes, shadow passes, lighting passes, effects passes and depth maps.

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