Does Honeycomb housing with conflict of feng shui beliefs?

Monday, August 27, 2007

An architect from Malaysia, Mazlin Ghazali did a survey on honeycomb housing with theories, research & practice. Impressive!

"Honeycomb Housing is a new Malaysian innovation from Arkitek M. Ghazali in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia and offers an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to terrace housing. It is gaining wide support from potential house buyers in exhibitions, amongst housing professionals at seminars and now the Sarawak Government for the Ninth Malaysia Plan. However, Developers are concerned that the departure from rectangular shaped building lots to triangular housing compounds, which link up to form hexagonal cul-de-sacs then honeycomb communities, is too radical and may conflict with Feng Sui beliefs. If true, this cultural objection may deter Chinese house buyers, a major section of the Housing market. To test this serious commercial risk a pioneering Developer (Renewed Group based in Johor Baru) commissioned the University to conduct a random household survey comparing as fairly as possible a RM220,000 Honeycomb house with an equivalent RM220,000 Terrace house in a predominantly Chinese township." to find out more...

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