Dear Architects, I am sick of your shit.

Friday, August 03, 2007

"Architects love to discuss how much sleep they have gotten. One will say how he was at the studio until five in the morning, only to return again two hours later. Then another will say, oh that is nothing. I haven’t slept in a week. And then another will say, guess what, I have never slept ever. My dear architects, the measure of how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve accomplished is not related to the number of hours you have not slept. Have you heard of Rem Koolhaas? He is a famous architect. I know this because you tell me he is a famous architect. I hear that Rem Koolhaas is always sleeping. He is, I presume, sleeping right now. And I hear he gets shit done. And I also hear that in a stunning move, he is making a building that looks not like a glass cock, but like a concrete vagina. When you sleep more, you get vagina. You can all take a lesson from Rem Koolhaas."

My collegue got a stroke and was hopitalized and I even suspicious of he is lying to escape work.

Even you work till you die, it is a choice, it is your choice.

Lessons learned~

-Proper work managing system required.

-Without proper managing system passion kills.

-Trying to achive aims or ideology ignoring everything around leads you nowhere.

Passage by Annie Choi from

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