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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"HL Architecture was founded in 1994 in Malaysia by architects from UK. Their combined and diverse expertise was instrumental in building HL Architecture ( formerly known as Haeger Lindsey Wilkins Sdn Bhd ) as a multi-disciplinary design consultancy combining skills in Architecture,Strategy,Interior & Identity."to find out more...
Special thanks again to my director, Martin for the testimonial and certification of my work in the office.

Ought to introduce HLarchitecture, after working 4years here. Both directors are very smart person, with one specializing in design and another in marketing and design. The most amazing thing I found out here is we can built things with bare hands~! James Lindsey is the one with the capability to drawing everything out with a pen, inclusive working drawings. What I learned from him is the logical way of thoughts he imposed into the design, how to analyse a site, the existing design problems.
Martin, with his social ability and strong analytical mind, he can analyse, explain and express things concurrently~! The leadership he possesses and the caring character builts him the current hl design group.
Looking at the work I did few years ago, I noticed how stubborn and naive I was.
Luckily, the most genius thing in me is to be hardworking, but...I am learning smartworking now with my aging body.
My friend takashi's birthday today, wish him a happy birthday, a normal happy life.

Passage from http://www.hlarchitecture.net/about-page.htm

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