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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Knafo Klimor is one of the Winners of the 2nd International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing. to find out more...

"Israeli culture is a collage of traditions, assembled over a short period of time. Its source of inspirations and influences comes from both Mediterranean and European cultures, attempting, with simple alchemy, to define an identity. Within this debate Knafo Klimor Architects operates over three decades.
Our firm views Israel’s search for identity as an opportunity to explore new aspects of regional architecture in an era of massive globalization and a rapid cultural transformations.
Knafo Klimor Architects was established in 1980 and has evolved steadily since.
Over the years we have carried out a large number of in the areas of:
- Public, education and sports buildings.
- Industrial and hi-tech plants.
- Commercial centers and office buildings.
- Neighborhoods and residential housing.
- Town planning and urban design projects of various scales.

Among our clients are government agencies, local authorities, private developers and construction companies. Our work was published in professional magazines in Israel and worldwide, and displayed in national and international exhibitions.
We are dedicated to the pursuit of invention of new contemporary architectural expressions and we are committed to the achievement of excellence in design." to find out more...

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