Friday, January 25, 2008

" There are essentially three ways to colour glass; by coating one surface, through adding minerals and other pigments to molten glass during manufacturing, and by laminating two or more pieces of glass with a coloured material sandwiched in between. The problem with laminated technologies is that their appearance isn't always good (the depth and quality of the color), the edges are not attractive, the material can be difficult to work, the types of glass are limited and may not support tempered glass, and most importantly, it is very expensive. Colouring molten glass is often not suitable since it is translucent, there are only a handful of color options, and it's also very expensive.
When it comes to colour coatings for glass, several have come and gone, but none stand up to GlassKote. There simply has not been a product that demonstrates the durability, appearance, colour range, or overall quality of GlassKote. See for yourself by asking for samples of products, and try to scratch or abrade the coating. You'll quickly discover the GlassKote difference.
So the short answer is that GlassKote provides the most attractive appearance, best durability, and highest value of any glass coloring process on the market. " to find out more...

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