OFT by Sand & Birch

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nothing is new under the sun. Images shows concept of modular spaces to be assembled to form spaces for families and possibilities of rearrangement.
"The name OFT comes from the word Loft, in which it has been taken out the "L", that has to be meant like the dimension "Large". The OFT is in fact of limited dimensions in its basic composition, but, as well as the loft, it is characterized by spaces adaptable to changeable necessities."

"The OFT, transformable in time and space, it's a highly changeable system, which can easily comply with individual necessities. We have imagined a home that would easily allowed to assemble different pieces and to change them during the time. Adding or subtracting elements, also temporarily."
"The OFT can be a temporary house waiting for other settlement, an holiday house, an home-office to be placed in your garden, a d├ępendance for your guests, a home for young people who can gradually increase their living space…" to find out more...

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