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Monday, July 21, 2008

"Great news! Monday we are officially launching a new site called MrMaterials! The site will be a mental ray material repository for Max, Maya and XSI with a section for straight texture files as well, so it should prove useful to all once it gets up to speed."
"We have some great people on board for the project, I think most of you know Jeff Patton, he created the MatLabs (material setup scenes) in Max and others like Jared Martin and Harry Bardak translated the scenes to Maya and XSI. We have Blogs and other stuff in the works and plan to have articles and tutorials in the near future as well as a lot of other cool stuff. Each week for about 5 months we will be giving away a material and texture set of full sized Arroway Textures. We have lots in the works and Jeff Patton's Blog will be occuring at the site." to find out more..

Max MatLabs:
Maya MatLabs:
XSI MatLabs:

Passage from Russell Thomas

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