Sustainable design overview from Gerard Lee Architects

Saturday, September 06, 2008

"So how does sustainable or "green" design apply to your home? What is "green" design? Just doing a simple search on the internet will result in hundreds of thousands of references. All similar to a certain extent and yet different. Reading through some of them will make you realise that when it comes to "green" design, many experts and or architects who specialize in sustainable design differ in what they call "green" design.
For some, it means using natural materials, or waste products, utilizing the natural resources for fuel, lighting, recycling water and avoiding certain materials like steel studs that use high embodied energy through it's production. For others, it means that metal studs are good because they are an easily recycled material. Some designers follow the path of LEED as a guideline for the "greening" of buildings. Others say it's skewed to accomodate certain building product manufacturers and loosely terms many materials as "green". Still others say any type of process that accomodates different forms of sustainable design or building practices are good for the environment and therefore, better than nothing. " to find out more...

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