Sustainability Tracking, Assesment & Rating System

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Three years ago, many of you called for a campus sustainability rating system so we could have a consistent way of measuring sustainability in higher education. After three years of research, a pilot program with nearly 70 participants and plenty of collaboration with you, AASHE is pleased to announce the early release of AASHE's Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) 1.0. STARS is a voluntary self-reporting framework for gauging relative progress toward sustainability for colleges and universities. It awards points for engaging in sustainability practices in each of 3 major categories: education and research, operations, and planning, administration and engagement. STARS provides a standard, comprehensive way to compare the sustainability performance of higher education institutions and to measure a single institution's progress over time. Institutions are now able to register to become a STARS Charter Participant at! STARS Charter Participants will be among the first to receive a STARS rating after submitting the required documentation. Any school can participate in STARS and there is a discounted fee for AASHE members. In addition, fees to participate are significantly reduced until the end of the year. The process for participating in STARS and details about the credits and submission information are included in the STARS 1.0 Early Release Technical Manual that is available on the STARS webpage."
Passage & Image from Paul Rowland
AASHE Executive Director

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