First Singapore Construction Productivity Week aims at entrenching productivity culture

Friday, April 29, 2011

I had just completed the participation of Singapore's First Construction Productivity Week. A fruitful learning and participating process of 2days' Live BIM competition in BCA Academy, 2days conference in Singapore Expo and half a days' site visit to The Interlace by OMA, constructing under Woh Hup and a tunnel construction project by Sato Kogyo.

Image featuring my facade design done through adaptive component and curtain wall panel pattern based families in Autodesk Revit architecture. My design rational: There are higher light intensity at top portion, to cut down solar heat, we introduce with more "solid" area, to block the solar radiation. However, to harvest the solar energy, photovoltaics cells can be applied to capture solar radiation while reducing light penetration in contrast with lower facade portion with bigger openings allowing more light penetration into internal area."
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