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Monday, March 19, 2012

"Prefabrication is said to be the oldest new idea in construction. But it is no wonder that it continues to pervade as an ideal. The construction industry is fraught with litigation, inefficiency and waste. The design and construction of buildings are separate acts that are delineated contractually and legally identified and observed. Arguably, the divide between design and production has resulted in increased schedule delays and cost, and a diminished building quality and sustainability because the conception (architecture), optimization (engineering) and production (construction) are not integrated. In response to this inefficiency, prefabrication and modularization emerge and remerge as ideal methods of efficient production." to find out more...
Image and Passage via by Ryan E. Smith / July 19, 2011, via


Hemet Water Heaters said...

It is the most practical way to do in construction industry.

Octavian Ungureanu said...

I think this can be a two way trip... In my country, during the 70's and 80's the regime had a very ambitious building program. They used prefab on a large scale but it was more of a prefabricated block of flats rather than prefabricated panels.
This way the architectural creativity was reduced to zero. The effect was that almost the whole country was full of ugly buildings.
Beside that, all those buildings resisted not very nice during the decades. The rain and the dust draw lines of dirt on their facades.
They are rated poorly by the population.
Now they are the subject of the "thermal rehabilitation": their facades are dressed with polystyrene

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