Richard Rogers, Pritzker Architecture Prize 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

"Los Angeles, CA-Richard Rogers, whose firm Richard Rogers Partnership is headquartered in London, has been chosen as the 2007 Laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The formal cermony for what has come to be known throughout the world as architecture's highest honor will be held on June 4 in London. At that time, a $100,000 grant and a bronze medallion will be bestowed on the 73-year old architect at The Banqueting House, designed in 1619 by Indigo Jones." to find out more...

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Cube as a perfect form and more

Thursday, March 29, 2007

You do not need sophisticated, high resolution, photo realistic images to tell your ideas. This is a good example to show how to tell an idea.
Tabanlioglu Architects design new office for media group in Ankara, Turkey
"DMC is planned to be a distinctive media figure in Ankara. Housing Turkey’s leading media group Dogan’s TV channels and newspapers the main form of the building is planned to be a cube in respect to the square site; yet starting on the surface, the straight cube form deformed and re-structured by again cubic annexes and subtractions that resulted in extra volumes. In accordance with topographic directions, slightly angled solutions of the modules on the front elevations and south-north axis enhance the vivacity."
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Vray Practice

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Look at what I did with Vray rendering here~!!!
I can now be a jewel designer~!
I love rendering !

Pushpull thread

Friday, March 23, 2007

An interesting thread in pushpull bar for your browsing pleasure. to find out more...

Guess you have to register to read it. However, the forum is very informative. Register it.

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If I earn enough money through the Malaysia share Market. I'll buy all the books and megazines from DETAIL. Any architecture office should consist all the construction Manual~! to find out more...

CG 3D Paco Morales

This is the blog you cannot miss for 3d rendering techniques, updates and tools and a HDRI rendering tutorial by Paco Morales . to find out more...

Ink Outline technique

Thursday, March 22, 2007

It is simple to convert an image into sketch outline with a simple Photoshop command. Just click 'Find Edges' under Filter will do. Before that, you might want to adjust your image contrast level stronger with "CTRL + L". How to convert an AutoCAD drawing into a presentable, sketchy ink effect outline image? Just look under "Filter">"Brush Strokes" > "Dark Stroke" will do. With additional command of "Sprayed Stroke" under the same "Brush Stroke" category, u shall have much more impressive image.

I located a site that consist lots of simple yet powerful photoshop techniques, enjoy learning. to find out more...

Planet architecture

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Planet Architecture is a site that gathers every single day the numerous blog posts that are written by people who share the same interest and passion: Architecture. The content of Planet Architecture is constantly actualized, as new summaries of these websites are added to Planet Architecture on daily basis. Every day, you can find new ideas, new info and the latest news on this site. The wide range of summaries on different architecture related topics can help you, in an efficient manner, to find the desired information." to find out more...
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BIM versus Wiki: The Analogy

"Despite the fact that AEC professionals have been increasingly using modern communication media such as email, fax, audio conferencing, web conferencing, and so on, the majority of them are not satisfied with their collaboration experience (see the AECbytes article, Reinventing Collaboration across Internal and External Project Teams). Collaboration problems include issues such as delays receiving input, difficulty in quickly retrieving relevant information, difficulty interpreting feedback, or coordination issues. This is where the wiki platform can help. The fundamental concept of wiki and BIM is surprisingly very similar—both enable multiple individuals to access and modify the data and information stored in a single central location (see Figures 1 and 2 showing the BIM and wiki concept respectively). Wiki, however, operates on a more general set of data when compared to BIM and can readily address most of the communication problems faced by AEC professionals." to find oure more...

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"This project was extremely well executed from concept to detail. The relationship to the ocean and site creates a humbling experience. The architecture does not try to upstage nature in anyway; the simple and clean lines reinforce the humble nature of the building that sits on the beach." Juror Comment, Award of Exellence, AIA Treasure Coast FL "Beach Road 2" to find out more...

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Chen 3d

Monday, March 19, 2007

This is what I call photo realistic renderings~!! Work of Chen Qing Feng is the best of what I came across. With more advance computer technology and software development, architectural visualization will be so popularized that everyone can do it! Then architectural design shall be one step further developed. Just couldn't wait to learn more and more. to find out more...

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Vis Masters

Sunday, March 18, 2007

"This area is the place where you can find every download available through VM Stores. Whether you're looking for demo versions of your favorite software or tutorials and sample content, the VM downloads area is where you can find it all. By clicking on the Demos & Samples section below, you will be able to find all demo versions and sample files available on VisMasters. The Tutorials section contains all of the tutorials in the VM stores. And finally, if you're looking for free content, the Complimentary Content section contains several pieces of content available free for download. " to find out more...
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ZLG Design

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Zlg's new wordpress site.
"zlgdesign’s very own approach to design development processes in the organisation is a self-critique on their customised proto-typing and exploration techniques. Huat calls this design intelligence, revisited and built over many years to survive critical investigation and intellectual discourse on all levels of their work. They do away with adapting to or embracing mainstream typology in buildings but take their stance and follow artistic directions set down at the onset of the conceptual phase of design, minus the styling. They’ve always maintained and believe that their Architecture is about people, and never about style or about winning “beauty” contests, although they like competition. Their work embrace [and thereafter adopt and develop to maturity] whatever comes in the way of development of their designs, whether this makes sensible methodology or not. These processes are not ends but means to create something new, something unique, specific and exclusive to the Project. The Duyong project for instance, is definitely of the place, echoing the arts and culture of the fishing village of Trengganu." to find out more...
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I visited Teknion Factory at Klang, Malaysia, a factory that produce office furniture. The impression is all about design, detail, flexibility, adaptation and ideas. The product system is very convincing that I am proposing for the office project I am engaged now. to find out more...
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Bali Trip

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Our long waited company trip is to Bali this year. We stayed in hotel padma for 3days 2 night.
My observation:-
Legend. You need to understand the legend to probe into the sculptural decorative architecture.
Wood details- main feature of architecture in Bali. The concrete are full of wood detail.
2d Patterns - flowers and plants are used as patterns into decoration, a language to express the nature.
Sculpture- sculpture of the legendary spirits are throughout the entire Bali.
The Barong Dance of Bali must be read and seen for further understanding of the culture.
Religion. Like most countries, religion is the strongest factor to architectural formation.
Landscape architecture- One of the most interesting session you cannot miss in Bali.
to find out more...
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