Kappe + Du project work flow

Sunday, April 22, 2007

+Meet with the key project individuals
+Familiarize ourselves with existing reports, zoning and code constraints
+Study existing drawings and evaluate existing cost data
+From this information, we then talk further with the client and the community to finalize the scope of the work, the site and building program
+We use Take-part workshops as a methodology for building group consensus for large projects
Schematic Design
+After the program is firmly established, we develop two or three schematic designs
+We hold discussions with individual clients, or staff and relevant decision-makers to determine the preferred scheme
+We have the capability to represent schematic ideas with drawings, diagrams, or three-dimensional models that communicate clearly
+Project budgeting begins early
+We establish the First Estimate of Probable Cost at the schematic design phase
+We recalculate and reconfirm the budget in later stages of the design work
Design Development + Design Review
+Design development takes place when you approve the schematic design
+Our consultant team produces their schematic designs
+We produce hard-line drawings to describe the size and character of your project
+We review a copy of the Design Review submittal package with you
+We represent you through the Design Review process, sometimes involving neighborhood or community meetings to explain the project and answer questions
Construction Documents
+The major portion of our work begins after we receive design review approval
+We produce detailed construction drawings and written specifications in coordination with consultants
+When work is 50% completed, we produce a cost estimate so that any necessary value engineering can occur, addressing any budget concerns
+Also at the 50% stage, there is a client/staff review of the construction documents
+At the 95% completed stage, we develop a final budget estimate along with the final client/staff review period
+We continue to assist you in the bid process
+Prepare and send out documents to builder's associations and contractors
+Work with you on a pre-qualified contractor list if this is desired
+Respond to questions, assisting you in administering the bid
+Once the bid is awarded, we hold a meeting with you, the contractor, and our team to agree on processes and goals for the construction phase
+During the construction phase, we answer requests for information, administer submittals, meet with you and the contractor on a regularly established basis
+We review change order requests and make payment recommendations to you
+We remain very detail-oriented during the construction phase, assuring that each project stays true to the design vision and remains cost-conscious, creating the optimal result for each job" to find out more...

This is a workflow of Kappe+Du architects in a turnkey project. A clear structure of your workflow reflecting the capability towards project management and project success. Some work introduced of living homes some time ago and blogged recently.

Passage from http://www.kappedu.com/projectworkflow.html
Image from http://www.kappedu.com/frankel.html#

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