How Green Building Studio Works

Friday, April 06, 2012

"Autodesk Green Building Studio is a web-based service that provides building energy and carbon analysis results of your project. Green Building Studio interoperates with Revit® Architecture and Revit® MEP software, as well as other compatible energy-analysis software via add-ins that are available for download from the Green Building Studio downloads page. The computationally intensive hourly simulations are carried out on remote servers, and the results are provided to you in a web browser.
The Green Building Studio web-based service analysis process collects data from three sources:

  1. Your Revit® software model. All the building geometry comes from your model, including the number of rooms, the connections between rooms, and their relationship to the exterior, exposure, and aspect to the sun; and the shape and total area of built surfaces or openings. If you are using Revit MEP you can also specify space types, interior loads, constructions, and HVAC equipment.
  2. Your responses to a few basic questions. In order to explain the building’s use or context, you specify a building type and enter the project geographical location. You can also select a weather station for the project.
  3. Regionalized databases. Based on the above information, Green Building Studio extracts additional information about local weather conditions, construction, and materials. The service automatically adds any information you have not provided in order to adapt to your requirements as your design evolves.
Green Building Studio relies on an extensive and continually updated database of building constructions, schedules and equipment to supply the assumptions needed to perform whole building energy analysis. You can view these assumptions in the Building Assumptions and Details section of the Energy and Carbon Results for a given simulation. You can modify the assumptions in the Design Alternatives or Project Defaults page." to find out more...

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Serge Young said...

Wonderful now we are going to rely on software to tell us if are buildings are efficient. I think software can aid but ultimately common sense must prevail.

Unknown said...

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