Architectural Golden Rules

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It is always difficult to get technical issues resolve.
I can come up with good form (good is define as building form that incorporate with existing environment), but going into technical issues, the design compromise.
Do not compromise your design~! Resolve it~! 3meter of cantilevered metal deck roofing shouldn’t be a problem. 5 meter? Yeah, but with 1/6 ratio of beam size with concrete. This is what I meant by technical issues. Experience comes into the practice here.
As conclusion for years of architectural design experience, I conclude the following rules, the golden rules of architectural design:-

1. Always use simple form
2.To break the strong, simple form, design should be incorporated with interesting features,

for example scattered skylights.
3.Design shouldn’t be compromising with technical issues.
4.Ask experience people with technical knowledge to resolve the technical issues.
5.Don’t show your ego. Ask for opinions. Analysis and make decisions by yourself. Show your

analysis to win the case.
6.Beware of concept sketches without scale. It might not work yet worth a try with the idea if

you got the time. If not keep it for the next project.

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